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Baseball Betting Odds for Boston Red Sox at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting odds for the Red Sox will obviously demand that gamblers frequently take the chalk since there is little doubt that the odds will have the Red Sox as favorites.

The Red Sox are entering the 2008 season after a momentous 2007 in which they lived up to their hype in the baseball betting odds and won the World Series. With all of the key parts to the club looking to come back this season, the baseball betting odds will surely be respecting the Red Sox as championship contenders once again.

Baseball betting odds for the Red Sox in 2007 often led to gamblers debating just how much they believed the Red Sox would win by, and therefore whether the team’s baseball odds offered any value.

The Red Sox were dominant virtually from the beginning of the season, they tied for the best record in baseball, and they won the World Series in a memorable four game sweep of the Colorado Rockies.

With a roster full of superstars like Josh Beckett, David Ortiz, Curt Schilling, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kevin Youkilis, and Manny Ramirez, it is no wonder the Red Sox are so often favored in the baseball betting odds.

Those who consistently wagered on Boston’s baseball betting odds were rewarded with profits as the team finished the regular season with an excellent 85-77 record against the baseball betting odds’ run line.

With such a strong roster returning for 2008, there is little reason to think the Red Sox will not once again be one of the top handful of teams in the MLB. It is clearly too early to predict them as repeat World Series champions, although at this point in time it would be hard to pick any team over the Red Sox.

The team’s baseball odds will reflect last season’s success, particularly in the baseball betting odds at the beginning of the season. Sometimes the baseball odds will favor the team rationally, but at other times there is no question that the baseball betting odds will be set far too high for true value to be found.

In other words, you will have to pick your spots carefully when handicapping the Red Sox’ baseball betting odds in 2008 so as not to fall into the trap of evaluating every game’s baseball betting odds thinking the team will win easily. Nevertheless, the Red Sox are sure to be a winning team in 2008, so with some careful handicapping of their baseball betting odds you will certainly find opportunities for profitable wagers.