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Baseball Betting Playoff Action at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting playoff action is different than betting regular season action for quite a few reasons.

There are many differences between regular season and post season action and recognizing those differences is paramount if you are to have success at baseball betting during the playoffs. Baseball betting playoff action involves looking at series prices, must win games, etc.

We also want to keep in mind that during the regular season a lot of the money bet on baseball is by the professionals. The public doesn’t have a huge interest during the long regular season, but they become more involved as the playoffs begin. We want to keep that in mind when looking at baseball betting odds in the playoffs.

Going against the public doesn’t always work with baseball betting because there is no pointspread involved. If the public likes a heavy favorite in baseball betting odds like the Yankees or Red Sox during the playoffs there is not much we can do about going against it if the play is superior.

In baseball it is strictly a money line and even though the price is higher, the better team very often will win versus the baseball betting odds. One area that we can look at during the baseball playoffs that is different than the regular season is the series bet.

We can bet on who we like to win the series in baseball betting odds before it begins and we can also bet as the series progresses. We can also do one other thing, and that is look at who is behind in the series and see if there is value in taking them to win one of the next couple of games.

The chance to take a team after a loss is appealing because we can now play them to win one of the next couple of games in baseball betting. That gives us two chances to win instead of just one in baseball betting. You could call it a mini-martingale in baseball betting.

The team we like would then have to lose three straight for us to lose money in baseball betting. It does happen, but it doesn’t happen in the playoffs as often as it does in regular season baseball betting.

When you look at baseball betting playoff action you may want to start with the series bet and then look for opportunities to take a team facing a must win situation down perhaps a game or two in the series. When you look at baseball betting in the playoffs be sure and treat it as a separate season, and set aside a bankroll for your wagering.