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MLB Betting Money Line Percentages at Sports Gambling

MLB betting can be profitable if you understand the percentages.

What type of winning percentages do you need in MLB betting if you are betting favorites this year? What percentage do you need when betting underdogs to make money this baseball season? MLB betting percentages are something that very few gamblers are aware of.

Many people are tempted to bet the big favorites everyday because they think they can win money when making a baseball bet. What percentage do you need to win to actually make a profit betting a -200 favorite everyday? Or what do you need to hit percentage wise in MLB betting if you only bet underdogs?

Let’s take a closer look. Here are the percentages to just break even if you are betting money lines at these prices in MLB betting.

-200: 66.7%
-180: 64.3%
-160: 61.5%
-140: 58.3%
-120: 54.5%
+100: 50.0%
+120: 45.4%
+140: 41.7%
+160: 38.5%
+180: 35.7%
+200: 33.3%

This shows us that if you are going to be betting -200 favorites everyday you have to win two out of three just to break even in MLB betting. This also shows us that you can make money in MLB betting if you are willing to bet underdogs. If you are looking at MLB betting these numbers are what you need to keep in mind.

They let you know what type of percentage you need to win in the long run when you make a baseball bet. Winning two-thirds of your bets is not easy but that is what you need to do when laying more than two dollars in MLB betting. As you look at MLB betting this season keep in mind that betting favorites looks easy but it is not.

The percentages needed to win money may be higher than you believed. These numbers show us that mixing in some underdogs is definitely a good idea and it will make it much easier to win at MLB betting in the long run. It is always easier to go .500 when you make a baseball bet and if you can do that with underdogs you can make money.

The percentages are important to understand when you make a baseball bet this season.