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MLB Betting Favorites or Dogs at Sports Gambling

MLB betting is all about favorites and underdogs. Where do you have success in MLB betting? Do you win betting favorites or underdogs

MLB betting odds are almost always tied to the pitchers. If you want to win when making a baseball bet you must consider more than just the starting pitcher. You should know that blindly betting favorites will lose you money. Does that mean blindly betting underdogs will win you money? The answer is no.

The vigorish on the games makes both sides losers. Favorites have lost an average of about 90 units per season. If you had bet straight underdogs you would have lost about 22 units per season. Both were overall losers but underdogs lost less in MLB betting.

The public for the most part loves to bet MLB betting favorites. It is easy to know that a favorite team should win and is very likely to win but you must compare those chances versus the money line. Favorites have about a 58% chance of winning but they still lose money in the long haul. What you want to do is pick small favorites that can win and find decent underdog values when you make a baseball bet.

What should we look for in MLB betting? We want to find underdogs that have value. Let’s look at a few situations that can make us a profit when making a baseball bet. It is always good to consider the home underdog in baseball if they are playing a divisional rival. Most division games are tough and home dogs offer value in MLB betting.

Another place to look in MLB betting is at the underdog when they are hot. If they are hitting the ball well recently and are still a dog they have some value. You can also look at particular lefty/righty matchups were a team does well and is still a dog in MLB betting.

If you can find little nuggets like these and still have the team as an underdog then you have a chance to win when making a baseball bet. And it happens all the time in MLB betting. Favorites are pounded by the public and the oddsmaker over inflates them nearly every day. You will have chances for some live dogs in MLB betting if you do the research.