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Baseball Betting Approaches at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting involves a number of factors that the sports bettor must consider, not the least of which is high prices.

In baseball betting you are going to see baseball betting odds that make you pay a premium price if you want to bet the favorite. Baseball betting should include totals. Sometimes totals can be a more effective and economical way to look at baseball betting odds.

A baseball total doesn’t force you to pay the extreme price that you might have to pay betting a favorite. Continually betting heavy favorites is a quick way to the poor house. You just can’t overcome the big baseball betting odds and make long-term profits on a consistent basis. At least with totals you only have to win about 55 or 56 percent of the time to make a profit in baseball betting. If you are betting hefty favorites then you must win well over 60% to make a profit in baseball betting.

Sometimes if you focus on the totals you can also take advantage of superior pitchers. For example, let’s say you want to bet Johan Santana of the New York Mets. More often than not you are going to be paying a hefty price of -200 or so when he is on the mound. If you bet the under, however, you can lay only -120 or so. That is a huge difference in price, and it makes baseball betting profitable.

Some people involved in baseball betting will focus on taking underdogs. If you continually play underdogs you don’t even have to win 50% of the time to make a profit. Sometimes when good teams are on the road against other good teams they may be an underdog in baseball betting odds. This is a good spot to play the dog. You may also get a premier pitcher on a weak team that will be a dog in baseball betting. Baseball betting is often about finding value and that is why many baseball bettors look to underdogs and to totals. Another factor that can apply when you bet totals is the umpires.

One of the best ways for a gambler involved in baseball betting to make money is to avoid heavy favorites, look at totals, and consider betting underdogs. If you can take these three things and consider them this baseball season your chances of success will definitely be better in baseball betting.