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Baseball Wagering - Break Out the White Sox

Baseball wagering handicappers who gave up on the Chicago White Sox early in the season are now scrambling to get back on the South Siders with the baseball odds.

Baseball wagering excitement continues to build for the White Sox who have been one of the hottest teams on the board with the baseball odds after a slow start.

The White Sox have never been the same since their surprise and improbable World Series championship in the 2005 season.  Since that time they have mostly been an overlay that has brought little value and plenty of frustration to gamblers.

The White Sox were neck and neck in the race for first place in the American League Central Division after a phenomenal run from June 8 through July 10 in which they went 24-5 to get back into the race after sleepwalking through the first two months of play.

Pitcher Mark Buehrle even admits that his team wasn’t sure what to make of themselves during the hot streak.

“We’re starting to believe it,” said Buehrle, who threw a perfect game last year.  “I think if we would have said we were going to win that quick and be back in it as quick as we did, I don’t think anybody would have believed us.  We just want to keep on going.”

The White Sox are winning with balance as they ranked 20th overall in the major leagues for run production and 12th overall in the big leagues for staff earned run average.   Both sides of the ledger improved during the streak.

The White Sox have been getting excellent starting pitching and power hitting in their MLB gambling success.

Starters John Danks, Gavin Floyd, Mark Buehrle, and Freddy Garcia all produced plenty of quality innings during the hot streak.

Garcia was 9-3 with a 4.36 ERA while Danks led the Sox in ERA with 3.29 to go with his 8-7 record.

Paul Konerko has been the main power source for Chicago has he had 20 home runs and 63 runs batted in to go with a .299 batting average.  Carlos Quentin has been another power source as he had 17 home runs while Alex Rios had 14 to go with his team best .305 batting average.

It has been quite a turnaround for a team that was written off at the Memorial Day mark.  Manager Ozzie Guillen, who is often under fire, is now again the toast of Chicago, at least for now!