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Baseball Betting Line at Sports Gambling - Handicapping for Home and Away Teams

Baseball betting line handicapping must always incorporate a broad range of handicapping factors.

Yet one of the most important facts to consider when analyzing baseball lines is which team is home and which is away. Although this information is perhaps the most basic information possible regarding a baseball betting line, it is also sometimes the most useful if you know how to use it correctly.

In order to use this information successfully when analyzing a baseball betting line you should be aware of trends for each team and also be knowledgeable of the different advantages enjoyed by home teams. Baseball betting line handicapping can actually be surprisingly successful with even very limited information, as long as that information is used wisely.

A baseball betting line makes it immediately obvious which team is home and which is away in any given match up because the home teams are always listed atop in the baseball lines while the away teams are listed underneath.

While every gambler knows that home teams enjoy an advantage, the real question when you evaluate a baseball betting line is just: How much of an advantage does the home team enjoy and is that advantage fully reflected in the baseball betting line?

Trends are perhaps the best way to determine the answer to that question, because they allow you to know just how successful a team is at home and on the road.

Each year there are numerous teams that exhibit particularly strong trends, such as always performing very well at home or always performing very poorly on the road; and these can have a huge impact on the baseball lines.

If you are aware of this fact, then it can be extremely useful in your analysis of a baseball betting line, because it will highlight an insightful team characteristic that other bettors may not be aware of.

In order to fully take advantage of this knowledge when you handicap the baseball lines, you should also have a fairly complete understanding of the different advantages in playing at home and away. Some of the advantages, like simply comfort and supportive fans are intuitive in their impact on the baseball betting line.

However, for some teams the home field advantage may be more related to a factor like the weather. For example, a Florida team may only play well in hot weather, and this fact will be reflected in its home and away records.

However, when handicapping a baseball betting line it is extremely important to realize this fact, because if that Florida team is playing on the road against another Florida team then the factor may not be relevant to the baseball betting line, but if it is playing a cold weather game in Detroit then it certainly will be relevant to the baseball betting line.