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Baseball Betting Line on Baltimore Orioles at Sports Gambling

Baseball betting line handicapping for the 2008 Orioles looks to offer gamblers another season of wagering on Baltimore’s baseball lines as MLB underdogs.

The Orioles struggled in much of the 2007 season, but against the baseball betting line they actually performed surprisingly well. This fact is very mportant to keep in mind as you prepare to handicap baseball lines for the Orioles in the upcoming 2008 season.

Baseball betting line handicapping for the 2007 Orioles often involved a baseball betting line reflecting Baltimore as underdogs for a variety of reasons. For one, the Orioles roster is not particularly strong.

There are a few outstanding players, such as second baseman Brian Roberts, but in general there are few players in the organization who can single-handedly impact a baseball betting line. Furthermore, oftentimes the Orioles’ baseball betting line is influenced by the fact that the Orioles play in the very difficult AL East division.

Having to compete in a division with the Yankees and Red Sox, limits the potential for Baltimore’s success and virtually guarantees that the baseball betting line will recognize them as underdogs very frequently.

In 2007, Baltimore finished with an extremely lousy 69-93 overall record, which was one of the absolute worst in the MLB. However, contrary to what you might imagine, Baltimore actually performed quite well against the baseball lines. The Orioles finished the season with an 86-76 record against the baseball betting line of the run line.

This disparity between the team’s record against the baseball betting line and its straight up record is indicative of the fact that the baseball betting line often underestimates the Orioles, making them bigger underdogs than they really deserve to be.

Many bettors are likely opposed to betting on the Orioles because they do so poorly overall, but one must remember to always bet on the baseball betting line and not have one’s judgment clouded by overall records.

Given Baltimore’s dismal finish to last season, it is quite possible that this trend will continue into 2008, so as the season gets underway you should keep in mind that Baltimore may offer excellent value against the baseball betting line regardless of a record far below .500.

This phenomenon is seen every year with several different teams, and while such a record against the baseball lines one year certainly does not mean it will be repeated the following year, it is quite possible with Baltimore because the squad is known to fly under the radar and it is highly unlikely that the team will be very competitive in 2008.