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Online baseball betting on the 2008 Atlanta Braves at Sports Gambling

Online baseball betting on the 2008 Atlanta Braves looks to offer some promise for baseball betting fanatics.

However, it is doubtful the Braves will once again become the online baseball betting powerhouse they were several years ago. The Braves had a decent season last year and posted a respectable record against the online baseball betting lines, but they fell fall short of reaching the playoffs.

Atlanta certainly has enough talented players to be a top MLB squad, but it will be difficult to compete in the increasingly deep NL East. Online baseball betting on the Braves last year did offer some real value to baseball betting fans.

The Braves enjoyed an 84-78 overall record and finished the season with an 83-79 record against the baseball betting run lines. In other words, the Braves remain a winning team and are not overly favored in the online baseball betting lines to the point that they cannot offer online baseball betting value.

The Braves have a fairly talented roster, including aces Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, and superstar infielder Chipper Jones. While the Braves’ bullpen does not strike the same fear in the hearts of opponents that it did a decade ago, the Braves still enjoy a prominent bullpen that consistently will impact the online baseball betting lines.

Many baseball betting experts believe that strong pitching is the key to long-term success, so this is a fact that will certainly attract many online baseball betting fans to the Braves this season.

The Braves definitely have enough talented players to reach the postseason in 2008. However, as the Braves have declined over the past few years, the Phillies and Mets have improved, which is why Atlanta finished last season at third place in the division.

With the acquisition of Johan Santana, the Mets will be the obvious pick of many online baseball betting experts to win the NL East and quite possibly even reach the World Series.

The Phillies also have lots of potential and online baseball betting veterans surely will not forget that it was Philadelphia that actually won the NL East last season. In other words, Atlanta will have to fight hard if gamblers are going to be offered the opportunity of online baseball betting on the Braves in the playoffs this season.

However, one potential positive consequence of the emergence of the Mets and Phillies is that the Braves may be overlooked and underestimated at times, which would likely offer the team excellent online baseball betting value with the offering of favorable online baseball betting odds.