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The Angels' Ugly Saga With Josh Hamilton Ends

The Los Angeles Angels got outfielder Josh Hamilton through a five-year deal worth about $25 million per year back in 2013. This big value came thanks in part to Hamilton's strong record. He led the Texas Rangers to the World Series twice and was the league MVP in 2010. More importantly, people were heavily inspired by his story of returning to the game following a severe drug and alcohol addiction. His strong Christian faith has also attracted many people to him.

However, the ride for Hamilton with the Angels had been anything but successful. Hamilton had been dealing with a number of injuries over the years as well as a poor performance on the field. He had not been performing up to the prominent player that the Angels had hoped, thus keeping the team from getting to its first World Series since 2002.

Reports of a substantial alcohol and cocaine-related relapse this off-season only made things worse for him. This led the Angels to choose to trade Hamilton away back to the Texas Rangers.

The biggest concern about the Angels choosing to absolve themselves of Josh Hamilton comes from how the Angels are going to pay a massive portion of what he is owed to the Rangers. Specifically, the Angels will be paying at least three-quarters of the nearly $80 million that Hamilton is still owed.

Whether or not he will return to his old form in Texas is unclear. However, many believe that moving back to Arlington may be the best option for him as he did his best while playing for the Rangers.

The potential for Josh Hamilton to improve in Texas is a real potential. The big consideration will come from whether or not he has actually become focused on the sport again. This is a big point that caused the Angels to abandon their deal with them. The possibility for the Rangers to improve is great but the real question will be how well Hamilton is going to help the team and especially help himself.