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MLB Baseball Gambling

MLB baseball betting with live odds and World Series props. offers up to 265% in bonuses for MLB baseball betting.

Baseball betting takes place during the summer months when there is not much else going on in the betting world. Many online sportsbooks around the world could do without baseball betting because it is not one of their most profitable sports.

There are many gamblers that make only baseball bets and that is usually not good news for the sportsbooks. Baseball betting can sometimes look a bit confusing to the average sports gambler, but it is extremely simple.


All you care about is your team winning the game when betting baseball. There is no pointspread involved in baseball bets. Let's look at a typical MLB betting example. Let's say the Dodgers were playing the Giants with Derek Lowe facing Tim Lincecum. Los Angeles was a -120 favorite in baseball betting online with a total of 7 under.

If you were going to make a wager on the Dodgers you would lay $120 for every $100 you wanted to win on Los Angeles or the 12/10 equivalent. If you wanted the Giants when betting on baseball you would get even money or $100 for every $100 wagered. The total in this baseball betting example is 7 under.

That means if you want the under you lay $120 for every $100 you want to win, and if you like the over you get even money, or $100 for every $100 risked in baseball bets. If the total was 7 flat then it would be -110 each way in baseball betting.

You might notice in this baseball betting example that there is a $20 dollar difference on both the side and the total. That is what is referred to as a 20-cent line in baseball bets. Many sportsbooks use this 20-cent line, while others use a 10-cent line in baseball betting.

One thing that baseball betting players like to play is the parlay. In football or basketball, the sportsbooks love parlays because point spreads are involved. In online baseball betting that is not the case. A baseball betting pro can fill a huge parlay with favorites and end up winning a lot of money if they all come in.

This is a big risk for the sportsbooks because there is no point spread to even out the games in baseball betting. The payoffs are lower since there are a lot of favorites, but big parlays are still bad news for the books in baseball betting. Parlays are a losing proposition for the players in the other sports, but not necessarily in baseball betting.

Baseball betting can be profitable if you take the time to do a little research.

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What are the MLB odds of female baseball players?

What are the MLB odds of female baseball players? Not bad, according to Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. As Major League Baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson Day, Hurdle is ready to see another barrier broken in baseball. As he puts it, it’s a matter of when, not if, until we see a female player in the MLB. While Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier, Hurdle would like to see Jackie Robinson Day stand as an inspiration for all opportunity in baseball.

The Angels' Ugly Saga With Josh Hamilton Ends

The Los Angeles Angels got outfielder Josh Hamilton through a five-year deal worth about $25 million per year back in 2013. This big value came thanks in part to Hamilton's strong record. He led the Texas Rangers to the World Series twice and was the league MVP in 2010. More importantly, people were heavily inspired by his story of returning to the game following a severe drug and alcohol addiction. His strong Christian faith has also attracted many people to him.

MLB Betting - Rockies at Dodgers

MLB betting expectations are falling like a rock for the Dodgers as they are sinking close to the bottom of the National League West with the MLB odds.
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MLB Betting - Orioles at Mariners

MLB betting expectations are beginning to grow for the Seattle Mariners as they have shown marked improvement this year when compared to a season ago.
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MLB Betting - Brewers at Reds

MLB betting excitement is high for the Brewers as they are one of the hottest teams on the board and are back into contention in the National League Central.
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Baseball Odds - Reds at Braves

Baseball odds handicappers had championship expectations for the Reds as they look like an improved team from last year when they beat the odds to make the playoffs.
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Baseball Odds - Marlins at Dodgers

Baseball odds handicappers are taking notice of the upstart Florida Marlins as they are emerging as a serious playoff contender in the National League.
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Baseball Odds - Yankees at Mariners

Baseball odds handicappers have been impressed with the Yankees and their return to the top of the American League East after a brief slump with the odds.
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Baseball Odds - D-Backs at Rockies

Baseball odds fans are taking notice of the Arizona Diamondbacks as they are a young and emerging team of youngsters that looks to have a bright future.
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Baseball Odds - Reds at Phillies

Baseball odds handicappers are expecting big things this year from the Philadelphia Phillies as they are a favorite to win the National League pennant.
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