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2010 Preakness Stakes Wagering

Preakness Stakes Wagering come around on the third Saturday of the month of May. It happens right after the Kentucky Derby.

Every year Preakness wagering holds great expectations. Horse racing fans around the world have been waiting for a very long time to celebrate another Triple Crown victory and this race is the second jewel that must be conquered to achieve that.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Pleasant Prince Pleasant Value

Preakness wagering will focus on Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver but one of the tricks at figuring the odds is looking at horses that skipped the Derby.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Super Saver Goes For Jewel #2

Preakness wagering will focus on Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver in Saturday’s second jewel of the Triple Crown as the colt will be the Preakness odds chalk.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Aikenite Waits in Bushes

Preakness wagering anticipation continues to grow for Saturday’s big race with the Preakness odds as new contenders will be in the lineup to handicap.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Caracortado Brings Record

Preakness wagering handicappers are hard at work trying to find the ultimate value and sleeper to take with for Saturday’s run for the Blackeyed Susans.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Dublin to Fulfill Potential

Preakness wagering offers the outstanding handicapping challenge of not putting too much emphasis on the Kentucky Derby results versus the Preakness odds.

Preakness Stakes Wagering First Dude Well Rested

Preakness wagering anticipation continues to grow for second jewel of the Triple Crown as Preakness odds offer plenty of potential sleepers and surprises.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Jackson Bend Well Positioned

Preakness wagering excitement continues to build for the Run for the Black Eyed Susans with an outstanding lineup to evaluate with the Preakness odds.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Lookin at Lucky Favorite

Preakness wagering fans would do well to not get too turned off by the Kentucky Derby run of Lookin at Lucky as he may bring added value to the Preakness odds.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Mission Impazible’s Rebound

Preakness wagering fans can find a Todd Pletcher trained horse that will bring far better value with the Preakness odds than his Derby winning colt Super Saver.

Preakness Stakes Wagering Paddy O’Prado Top Contender

Preakness wagering excitement continues to build for this Saturday’s upcoming race with the Preakness odds and the run for the Black Eyed Susans.

In Preakness wagering handicapping, the bettors are very likely to bet on the winner of the Kentucky Derby who usually has the Preakness odds advantage. Of the three races contemplated in the Triple Crown, fans who bet on Preakness Stakes know that it is the shortest race.

This year, the Preakness wagering show take place on Saturday, May 15th. Between the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes there is really not much time, and, as Preakness horse racing history shows, the horses coming from the Derby usually have a very good performance in the race.

Besides, the fact that the track is shorter for about one mile and a bit more, is also easier for horses that are coming from a harder challenge.

On last year’s Preakness wagering event, a lot of things happened that stayed in the history books of Preakness stakes betting. For instance, Rachel Alexandra was a filly that did not run the Kentucky Derby and ended up winning the Preakness Stakes.

Another interesting fact is that the Preakness Stakes odd even favored Rachel Alexandra. She also became the first time horse to win the Preakness since the Preakness of 1924. Rachel Alexandra was at the #13 post and from that impossible post she managed to come in as the winner.

The Preakness horse racing that went down two years ago was kept under normal parameters. Big Brown was the favorite in the race and in fact won it. This is a perfect example of how the Derby winner was favored in Preakness Stakes wagering.

In last year’s Preakness wagering battle, Mine That Bird, who was the Kentucky Derby winner, came in second place.

Bottom line is that when you decide to take a chance at the Preakness Stakes odds, you cannot expect to win big bucks. It is a very predictable race due to the fact that it has a lot less contenders and it is almost always a win for the favorite.

However, it is still fun to see what the action brings on this race. It fills horse racing fans with hopes that there will be a Triple Crown winner.