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Kentucky Derby Odds - How to Play

Kentucky Derby odds are not just about picking the winning horse, as there are many outstanding betting options that are available for fans.

Kentucky Derby odds can be played for huge money depending on what type of bet that you make as there are a wide variety of Kentucky Derby wagering options.

The 2011 Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday, May 7 from Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. The event will be telecast on NBC and Sports Gambling will be your source for the 137th Run for the Roses so be sure to open your account today for a phenomenal Triple Crown season of horse racing.

A win wager is the most common and simple form of betting on the Kentucky Derby as all that it requires is placing a wager on one horse to win the race.

A place bet is also simple as you would simply pick one horse to finish no worse than second place. If a place bet horse wins the race the payout would not be as great as a win bet.

A show bet is another version of simple betting as you would pick a horse to finish no worse than third place.  If your show horse wager finishes first or second the payout would not be as great as if you wagering on the horse to win or place.

Where the big money can come in Kentucky Derby gambling is with bets that are beyond win place or show.

An Exacta is a highly popular form of Kentucky Derby wagering.  An exacta is where you pick the top two horses in exact order of finish 1-2.

And exacta box is an excellent way to make a Kentucky Derby bet online.  An exacta box is where you wager just like an exacta except with multiple combinations.

A trifecta is where you play three horses to finish in exact order of first, second, and third.

The superfecta is the next step up from a trifecta with the Kentucky Derby odds as you would wager on the top four horses in exact order of finish.

You can also key trifecta and superfecta wagers as you pick on horse to win, known as the key, and you can then use random horses for the other spots to finish second, third, and fourth in the case of the superfecta.