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Kentucky Derby Odds - Traditions, Surprises, and Excitement!

Kentucky Derby odds are available now for the 136th Run for the Roses as Kentucky Derby wagering excitement continues to build with eager anticipation.

Kentucky Derby odds handicapping is far more then just about the race, however, as Kentucky Derby wagering offers a complete wagering experience. When you bet the Kentucky Derby odds you are becoming an active participant in one of the greatest traditions in the entire world of sports.

The Kentucky Derby is the equivalent of such top shelf sports wagering events as the World Series, Stanley Cup, Final Four, Super Bowl, Master’s Golf, and Wimbledon tennis.  It is an elite event that attracts millions of people who don’t even follow horse racing.

Part of the charm in betting the Kentucky Derby odds is all of the extras that come with Derby Day.  The men at the Derby dress up to the nines and the women are stunning and beautiful, with colorful dresses and traditionally flamboyant hats.

Mint Juleps are the preferred drink and gamblers all over the world join in with their own versions of these traditions at their homes or with friends as anticipation builds for the betting action.

When the track announcer booms “riders up” it is part of the televised broadcast that makes gamblers run to their computers with chills to finalize their wagers with the Kentucky Derby odds.

The Kentucky Derby gambling anticipation continues to build and grow with the colorful parade of horses that are walking to the starting gate as they University of Louisville band plays “My Old Kentucky Home.”

As big time gamblers at Churchill Downs take their seats on “Millionaire’s Row” online gamblers prepare to take their seats with family and friends as the horses reach the gate.  This is where the tension really reaches a climax for those betting the Kentucky Derby odds.

As the race begins and the horses run under the famed Twin Spires of Churchill Downs and all the way to the final stretch, everyone wagering with the Kentucky Derby odds is spellbound and breathless to the end.  The final tradition occurs when the winning horse is blanketed in roses.

These are the reasons that the Kentucky Derby is loved by all and why billions of dollars are wagered on it. There is nothing else like it.