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Kentucky Derby Odds Betting at Sports Gambling

Kentucky Derby odds are played by millions of fans whose only horse racing interest is for Kentucky Derby gambling.

Kentucky Derby odds are bet on by countless people who know little about horse racing but are enthralled with Kentucky Derby gambling.  If you are new to betting the Kentucky Derby odds, or are the once a year type of horse player that only takes part in Kentucky Derby gambling, here is a quick refresher to the exciting possibilities of wagering on the “Run for the Roses”.

A “Win Bet” is the most simple and direct way of wagering on the Kentucky Derby odds.  You simply bet on the horse that you think is going to win the race at the Kentucky Derby odds given to you by the race book.  If your horse wins the race you win the bet.

A “Place Bet” is another simple way to win against the Kentucky Derby odds.  If your horse finishes first or second you win the bet.

A “Show Bet” is where you collect winnings if your horse finishes first, second, or third.  Keep in mind that you get lesser Kentucky Derby odds on a horse by betting on it to “place” or “show” but the trade off is that you also have more margin for error.

A “Quiniela” wager on the Kentucky Derby odds is for picking the first two horses in a race in EITHER order.  If you bet $20 on horse number 7 and horse number 11 and they finish in the top two spots either at 7-11 or 11-7 you win the bet.

A “Perfecta” or “Exacta” is similar to betting on a “Quiniela” except that the horses must be picked in precise/exact order.

In our “Quiniela” example you would have to pick 7-11 or 11-7 against the Kentucky Derby odds.  The payoff for a “Perfecta” or “Exacta” is greater if you are correct than on a “Quiniela”.

A “Superfecta” is an exciting an challenging way to bet the Derby as you must pick the top four finishing horses in exact order.  They payoff is great if you can pull it off! is your best bet for Kentucky Derby action, so be sure and open an account today for the “Run for the Roses!”