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Kentucky Derby Odds - A Guide to Success

Kentucky Derby odds wagering is one of the biggest events of year as there will be millions of people taking part in Kentucky Derby wagering worth billions of dollars.

Kentucky Derby odds are often based on media hype and the public perception that follows and that makes finding value one of the great Kentucky Derby wagering challenges. The first key to understanding how to attain success with the Kentucky Derby odds is to know that the Derby, much like the Super Bowl, is one of the most overanalyzed and hyped sporting events of the year.

This means that one of the first jobs a handicapper must do is to learn how to sift through all of that hype and the overload of information and focus on just a few key items and principles.

A good handicapper will evaluate the Kentucky Derby odds just as he would with any other ordinary race on the board throughout the year.  While the Derby is undeniably special and with the potential for a huge payout because of its large betting pool that does not change the handicapping fundamentals and the need for value.

Those who are able to beat Kentucky Derby odds often do it with simplicity and by making sure to not get bogged down into the information avalanche that can bury so many otherwise smart gamblers.

Another key to Kentucky Derby gambling success is, like with other sports, finding out where the best people and long time success stories are linked to which horses.  The best trainers and owners will have the best horses.  From there it’s a matter of value.

It is also important to consider when handicapping the Kentucky Derby odds that, like the Super Bowl and college basketball’s March madness, there is a lot of “ignorant” money being wagered by people that actually have little or no clue on the event.

This can often lead to finding excellent value with long shots that are great horses but lacking in hype and public name recognition.  Finally, anyone that handicaps the Kentucky Derby odds should respect that it will be the best lineup of horses for a single race all year.  That means any horse can win.