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Belmont Stakes Odds - Triple Crown Changes Mulled

Belmont Stakes odds will be set for Saturday, June 5th and while Belmont Stakes betting will not include a Triple Crown shot there is plenty of chatter anyway.

Belmont Stakes odds handicappers are talking about how horse racing may need to adjust the Belmont Stakes betting schedule in the future for a better shot at a Triple Crown horse.

The last time a horse had a Triple Crown shot at Belmont gambling was in 2008 when Big Brown was the overwhelming favorite but had to pull up at the stretch due to an injury and limped home to a last place finish.

With the recent exposure of how many horses are injured or have to be put down there has been a lot of suggestions by those who follow and wager the horse betting odds as to what to do to improve the sport, protect the expensive horses, and create a situation in which there is a solid chance for a horse to win the Triple Crown.

Another problem that is unique to those handicapping the Belmont Stakes odds is that many horses that run in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes will skip the Belmont once it is established that there cannot be a Triple Crown winner.  Beyond that the 5 week Triple Crown season is seen as too strenuous for today’s horses.

One of the arguments to keep the horse racing gambling schedule as it is regards the time of year and short 5 week spread between the three Triple Crown races.  It is argued that the series gets more attention now than it would if the events were spread out over a longer period of time.

The financial stability of the sport is another problem that has been highlighted in the week prior to action with the Belmont Stakes odds.  The New York state government had to bail out the New York Racing Association which was threatening to shut down all of the state’s tracks immediately after the Belmont.

While the future of horse racing betting is perilous the debate will go on about the Triple Crown schedule.  One thing is for certain, however, and that is that the sport needs a more consistent approach from owners and trainers during the Triple Crown season.