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Belmont Stakes Betting - Plenty of Ways to Win

Belmont Stakes betting action will be wide open as the field of horses will be about as even and full of parity for the Belmont Stakes odds as can be remembered.

Belmont Stakes betting options are numerous and with such an even field to handicap with the Belmont Stakes odds it would be a good idea for gamblers to explore all options.

The easiest way to play the horse betting odds is with a straight bet on a single horse in which you bet that horse to either win, finish second, (“place”), or finish third, (“show”).  Such bets are made with the odds with final payouts based on the closing numbers.

An exacta will make for a potentially large horse racing gambling payoff in the Belmont with so many top contenders and without a big favorite running in the race.  An exacta is where you bet on the precise first and second place horses that must come in that exact order.

Another Belmont Stakes betting option is the combination bet in which you can cover two to four horses to win in chosen order.  With the 2010 field this is another outstanding option to consider.

A quiniela is a similar Belmont online stakes wagering option to an exacta except that your top two horses chosen may finish either first or second but do not have to be in exact order.  This is less demanding and still offers the potential for a nice payout if it hits.

A superfecta would make for a large Belmont Stakes betting payout as it requires a handicapper to select the top four horses in the race in exact order of finish.  The payout would figure to be extra big in this year’s Belmont due to the parity of the horses in the race which makes such a wager difficult to hit.

The straight trifecta is another great way to go for big money in horse racing betting.  The straight trifecta requires you to pick the top three horses in exact order of finish to win what would figure to be a large payout.

To win the maximum amount of money on Belmont Day these are the options that can help you achieve your goals!