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Golf betting with live odds and player props. offers up to initial deposit bonus for golf betting.

Golf betting at online sportsbooks is popular especially when the Masters, U.S. Open, PGA and British Open tournaments are coming up. There are two basic options for golf betting at online sportsbooks. You have the golf bet option of place a wager on a single player to win the PGA tournament or you have the golf bet choice of betting a golf matchup.


The golf betting matchup is where two golfers are pitted against one another. These matchups are set up by the sportsbook and you just worry about which golfer you think will finish better in the tournament.  A money line is used in for matchup in golf betting. For example, you might have Tiger Woods at -220 over Phil Mickelson.

If you liked Woods you would be risking $220 for every $100 you wanted to win or the 22/10 equivalent. If you liked Mickelson you would be getting probably $180 back for every $100 wagered. Golf betting is just like other forms of sports gambling. It has its handicapping factors to consider.

Different players do well at different courses depending on their abilities and how they fit a course. They may struggle at certain courses because their game isn’t as suited to the PGA golf betting course. As you look at golf betting you want to look at golfers that excel on a particular PGA course.

You also want to look at the golfer’s recent form in golf tournaments. You don’t want to be betting a golfer that hasn’t been playing well. Another option for golf betting is betting a golfer to place or show. That is where you bet golfers to finish in the one of the top three spots. If he finishes top three it would be a show wager, top two a place wager and you already understand the win golf betting wager.

Golf betting at online sportsbooks continues to increase. Some of the regular golf bet tournaments don’t get a lot of attention but rest assured you will see good interest in the Masters, U.S. Open, PGA and British Open when those golf betting tournaments get underway. Take a look at golf gambling today.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the options you have available and you may find some great opportunities in golf gambling that don’t exist in other sports. Take a look at the great golf gambling options at the online sportsbook, open an account and get in on great golf betting action today.


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