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US Getting Respect in Ryder Cup Betting at Sports Gambling

Ryder Cup betting in recent years has been all about Europe over the United States as they have won the last three Ryder Cups and five of the last six.

This year though the United States is given a real chance to win in Ryder Cup betting odds and not just from gamblers who look at Ryder Cup betting. Ryder Cup betting has the U.S. as a slight underdog to Europe but some people believe the United States will win including Jack Nicklaus.

He has said that the U.S. team has better players even without Tiger Woods on the team. "Tiger won't be playing in the matches this year, of course. If he were, I'd consider the Americans big favorites," Nicklaus told Golf Digest. "I still think they will win. I just believe we have better players.” It also irks Nicklaus that the Europeans have dominated recent Ryder Cup betting.

"I'm sure for many years the Europeans got tired of hearing about American dominance and they're reveling about turning it around," he said. "But I just think American golf is better than perceptions based on recent Ryder Cup results." Ryder Cup betting could be swinging toward the United States in 2008 because of the chemistry issue with the European team.

Long time Ryder Cup veteran Colin Montgomerie was not chosen for the team nor was veteran Darren Clarke according to Ryder Cup betting information. Fans of Ryder Cup betting in Europe are furious over the omissions and many players on the team are not happy either. That could be why the U.S. is getting some action on the Ryder Cup betting odds board.

Considering that Tiger Woods is missing, the European team should probably be a higher favorite than they are in Ryder Cup betting. The Ryder Cup betting odds have them listed at just -130 which is not much more than a pick.

Considering that the European team has dominated recent Ryder Cup betting in recent seasons, it is a surprise that they are not a bigger price in Ryder Cup betting odds. The United States could also be getting respect in Ryder Cup betting because they have the home course advantage and for the fact their chemistry is better.

Not having Woods on the team could actually help the United States bond together better. Surprisingly enough, sometimes having the best player in the world on your team is not a guarantee of success in Ryder Cup betting.

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