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Understanding Golf Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

Golf betting odds are very easy to understand. Let’s look at the two basic types of golf betting odds you are likely to see.

Golf betting odds will have golfers to win a tournament and they will be offered in matchups.  Betting on a golfer to win a tournament can be a little tricky since so many different players have a chance to win each week.  The only golfer that seems to attract a lot of attention on the golf odds board is Tiger Woods.

The problem with taking Woods is that his golf betting odds are so low he practically has to win every week for you to make money.  Since it is so difficult to predict who will win a tournament each week, many gamblers will look at the golf betting odds in terms of matchups.  A golf betting odds matchup is created by the sportsbook and pits one golfer against another.

It is a golf odds money line wager where all you care about is your golfer finishing higher than the other one.  Here is what a golf betting odds matchup might look like:

Jim Furyk              +160
Tiger Woods         -200

In this golf betting odds example you are risking $200 for every $100 you want to win on Woods while you get $160 dollars for every $100 you risk on Furyk.  You can risk any amount you want on the wager; those are just $100 examples.  The sportsbook will put up a variety of matchups each week with golfers of relative skill matched up against one another.

Golf betting odds matchups are easier to predict since you only have to choose one golfer to beat another one.  Many professional gamblers will focus exclusively on the golf betting odds matchups each week.  They will do their handicapping and find golfers they expect to do well in the tournament and then take them in the golf odds matchup.

As you look at the golf betting odds each week remember that you can bet a golfer to win the tournament or you can bet the matchups.  The golf odds will give you a chance to make money every month of the season since golf is virtually a year-round sport.  Take a look at the various options available for golf betting today.