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Handicapping Golf Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

Golf betting odds are available each week during the PGA Tour season. There are tournaments every month of the year and golf betting odds to consider each week.

Golf betting odds are broken down into two main areas.  You have the choice of betting a player to win a tournament or you can wager on the golf betting odds matchups.  Let’s look at some handicapping factors to consider as you look at golf odds. The first thing to look at is how have the golfers done at this particular tournament in the past?

You want to select a golfer that has had good success at this week’s event and you also want that golfer to have reasonable golf odds if you are betting him to win a tournament or in a matchup.  If you are looking at the golf betting odds matchup then it also helps to have a golfer that has had success at the tournament matched up against someone who has struggled.

This golf betting odds matchup may not be easy to find but you may be surprised sometimes. Another handicapping factor to consider in golf betting odds is the course.  Is it a long course or a short course?  Does it favor scoring or will length come into play?  Are there a lot of bunkers and is the rough deep?

These are handicapping factors to consider as you bet golf each week.  You can get a wide variety of statistics at the PGA Tour website and they will point out to you players that thrive on short courses, players that putt well, etc.  If the course is long then you want a player that is doing well in driving distance.

As you look at golf betting odds it is a good idea to consider a number of different handicapping factors.  There are so many handicapping factors to consider as you look at the golf betting odds. You may also want to look at the golf odds in terms of picking a player to win a tournament.  This is tough to do at times so you really want to get value on the golf betting odds board.

Getting double-digits in terms of golf betting odds is really a must if you are going to pick a golfer to win a tournament, unless it is Tiger Woods, of course.  The problem with golf odds on Woods is that they are too low to make any money unless he wins every week.