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Golf Betting on the Masters at Sports Gambling

Golf betting will feature the ultimate Holy Grail not just of golf but of sports itself as golf odds for the Masters will be posted for action on April 9-12.

Golf betting on the Masters is on a sports event that has the greatest tradition of all.  Even bettors that normally ignore the golf odds will have action on this event.  Golf betting on the Masters will have only a few minor adjustments to the course to handicap against the golf odds.

The first tee was forwarded up 7 yards and there could be some other minor adjustments made depending on the weather but, overall, golf betting fans should expect a similar course at Augusta National as was the case in 2008.

There has been some grumbling in recent years from golf betting fans that the Masters has tried to stretch out the Augusta National course to the maximum lengths possible, which has served to take away some of the golf betting excitement from the event.

This was also known as “Tiger-Proofing” the course that Tiger Woods dominated with 3 wins in 6 years from 1997-2002.  Woods has only 1 green jacket since the “Tiger-Proofing” of Augusta.  The course has become so tough that nobody has broken the total score of 280 in the last 3 Masters golf betting events.

One of the biggest criticisms from fans and players alike is that the old days of historic Masters charges of players coming from behind hasn't happened and that the final Sunday of action has lacked the drama and suspense of the glory days of “Arnie's Army” and the “Golden Bear” that are part of Masters legend and lore.

Another golf betting change to factor in from Augusta National is the extra 10 yards added to the front of the tee on the 450-yard 7th hole.  On the 15th hole an additional 10 yards were added to the 530-yards.  The only other golf betting changes to consider are that greens on holes 1, 5, and 6 were rebuilt for agronomic reasons.

The Masters is a tradition unlike any other and is an event that any sports gambler will want to be a part of as its one of the most special weekends of the entire sports gambling year!

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