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Early Ryder Cup Betting Results are Important at Sports Gambling

Ryder Cup betting gets underway on Friday and if you don’t think the early results can decide the entire event, you might want to think again.

In nine of the last twelve Ryder Cups, including the last four, the Europeans led after the first day and have gone on to win seven times with one draw. That should tell you that Friday is a critical day in Ryder Cup betting odds. Ryder Cup betting history shows that the U.S. has not led any day of the Ryder Cup since 1999.

The Europeans held 5-3, 6.5-1.5 and 4.5-3.5 leads after the first day of Ryder Cup betting in 2002, 2004 and 2006. Two of those Ryder Cups were routs by the Europeans in Ryder Cup betting. Friday and Saturday in Ryder Cup betting consists of four matches of fourball and four matches of foursomes.

It is these first two days that have doomed the U.S. in recent Ryder Cup betting. Fourball has been a big problem for the United States according to Ryder Cup betting history, as Europe is 6-2-2 since 1997 in fourball. According to Ryder Cup betting information, since the U.S. is the host country this time, U.S. captain Paul Azinger was able to choose the order of play and will start with foursomes.

The U.S. is really focused on getting off to a good start and Azinger might even choose to pair Kentucky natives Kenny Perry and J.B. Holmes in the first group to get the crowd going according to Ryder Cup betting information. Ryder Cup betting facts show that half of Team USA is full of rookies but that might not be bad news considering Europe’s recent dominance in Ryder Cup betting odds.

The rookies haven’t been a part of any of the Ryder Cup betting losses in the past. "I don't even know about the past and about the U.S. getting off to a slow start," Anthony Kim said. "This is a brand new team. Like you said, we've got six rookies. We're going to go out there, not worry about if a guy is hitting a draw or a fade.”

The Ryder Cup betting odds seem to be swaying toward the U.S. team. Europe is a favorite, but only slightly at -130 in Ryder Cup betting odds. That is very low considering how dominant they have been recently in Ryder Cup betting, which may tell you the U.S. has a real chance to win.

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