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Golf Betting Choices at Sports Gambling

Golf betting choices include the two most common wagers, betting a golfer to win a tournament and betting on matchups. Let’s consider both of these golf betting choices.

Golf betting takes place all throughout the year as tournaments are scheduled from January through December on the PGA Tour schedule.  A golf bet can be made on any golfer to win a tournament each week including a golf bet on the “field” which will include golfers that are unknown or less likely to win.

Golf betting odds will range anywhere from 2-1 on a golfer like Tiger Woods to 100-1 or more on some unknown player.  Many times you will also get future bets on the major golf tournaments like the Masters, PGA, U.S. Open and the PGA.  These futures golf betting options are just like the ones each week that have you betting on a golfer to win a tournament.

You will see these futures posted months in advance of the actual tournament taking place.  Sometimes you can find better odds farther in advance of a major tournament. The other main golf betting option is the matchup.  This is where a sportsbook will match up one golfer against another on the golf betting odds board.

With this type of golf betting you only have to worry about your golfer beating the other golfer.  You will also see different golf betting matchups each week with golfers of relatively the same skill level.  The sportsbook does not want Tiger Woods matched up against some nobody so he would be matched up against someone like Phil Mickelson or Ernie Els.

Sportsbooks will vary in the golf betting matchups they put up so check around to see if you can find a golf bet matchup that you like. Most professional handicappers that look to make a golf bet focus on the matchups.  There are a couple of main reasons for this.  First, it is tough to pick a winner of a golf tournament unless you are selecting Tiger Woods each week and his odds don’t offer you enough value.

Second, matchups have you looking at having to defeat only one golfer, not the entire field.  You can also choose the exact matchup you want that gives you the best golf betting advantage.