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Golf Betting Options at Sports Gambling

Golf betting odds are available on virtually every major golf tournament in the world. You have two basic choices in golf betting.

You can choose to bet a golfer to win a tournament or you can choose golf betting matchups. Golf betting for most gamblers that look to make money on the sport involves the matchups. It is difficult to pick just one golfer to win a tournament, unless it is Tiger Woods.

Let’s consider both options in golf betting. The option to bet a player to win a tournament will have the golfers listed at odds of anywhere from 2-1 all the way up to 100-1 or more. As you look to make a golf bet you are betting on a golfer to win a tournament and are paid accordingly if that happens.

You will also see the “field” option listed with the rest of the players. There are so many players in a golf tournament (144) that many of the players will be unknown and the sportsbook will put them in the “field”. As you look at golf betting in terms of betting a player to win a tournament you can first look for value.

If you are betting Tiger Woods then you pretty much need him to win every time to make money. Most sportsbooks will have him at 3-1or less on each tournament. If you are looking for value then you might want to take a shot on a player with double-digit odds.

The problem is finding the right golfer in golf betting. A better golf bet for many people is the matchup. This is where you are betting one golfer versus another in a sportsbook created matchup. For example, you might have Tiger Woods in a golf betting matchup against Phil Mickelson.

Woods might be a -200 favorite. That would mean you would risk $200 to win $100 on Woods or the 2-1 equivalent on your golf bet. If you liked Mickelson you would probably get back +160 or so. That means you would risk $100 and win $160 on Mickelson or the 10-16 equivalent.

Golf betting matchups are a way that many professional gamblers look to make money. With golf betting matchups you only worry about beating the other player, not the entire field.  Golf betting is similar to other forms of sports betting.

The option to make a golf bet on a player to win a tournament is similar to picking a team to win a tournament while a golf betting matchup is just like a money line in baseball or hockey.