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NFL Week 3 is here and these top NFL Gambling Picks

Is it week 3 already? After this week and the next, there are only 13 weeks left! Better get your NFL gambling kicks while you still can with this week’s top picks.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Buffalo Bills

The Cardinals picked apart the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and dissected their QB Jameis Winston in a 40-7 win in week 2. The Cards had to make a statement after failing to capitalize on a depleted New England Patriots in the season opener. The message was sent all right, but sports gambling fans should not expect Arizona to give the Bills a reprieve. Buffalo put on a slightly better performance against the New York Jets, but still allowed the NY team to score on seven of 11 drives, including the first four of the game. All in all, the Bills’ chances look uglier than Rondo Hatton’s face.

Cardinals -4 (-115) 47 (-105) -185
Bills +4 (-105) 47 (-115) +165

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers
The Lions have been a pleasant surprise for quite a few NFL gambling fans, upsetting the Indianapolis Colts and giving the Tennessee Titans a run for their money. Meanwhile, the Packers have not seemed to get going just yet, expectedly but closely besting the Jacksonville Jaguars, and falling to the Minnesota Vikings stout defense. Nonetheless, it’s only a matter of time before Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Eddie Lacy shift gears, and that time may very well be this Sunday.

Lions +7 (-105) 47½ (-110) +250
Packers -7 (-115) 47½ (-110) -315

Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Ravens were thrown quite a few soft balls to start the season, almost as if to ease Joe Flacco back into the grind of the league. So far Baltimore has obliged by dispatching the Bills and the Cleveland Browns in a workmanlike fashion. With the Jags, Raiders, and Redskins next on the schedule, there should be no reason for the Ravens not to go 5-0 other than another Flacco injury. The Jaguars went toe to toe with the Packers, but the San Diego Chargers went scorched earth on them in week 2.

Ravens -1 (-115) 47 (-110) -119
Jaguars +1 (-105) 47 (-110) -101

Cleveland Browns vs. Miami Dolphins

Something has got to give when two winless teams square off against each other, and with the Browns’ QB track record, that something will probably be poor Cody Kessler. In a non-shocking twist, Cleveland’s starting QB Robert Griffin III injured himself in the season opener, which Browns NFL gambling fans could call addition by subtraction. Unfortunately, backup Josh McCown has joined the injured reserved as well. Which leaves rookie Cody Kessler to start under center against the Dolphins. Miami will be playing at home for the first time this season and that alone should give them an edge over the Browns. That, and having more consistency in the QB spot, Ryan Tannehill has thrown 48 of 74 for 575 yards with two TDs and two interceptions in two regular season games.

Browns +10 (-120) 42 (-110) +366
Dolphins -10 (EV) 42 (-110) -461