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Soccer Betting Odds

Soccer betting odds are quite easy to understand as they are based on the money line. Betting sides is the most popular form of soccer betting odds.

Soccer betting odds will have two basic types of lines. There will be soccer betting odds on the favorite and the underdog with the total or there will be soccer betting odds on the favorite, the underdog and the draw.

For example, the favorite might be -200 and the underdog +160 which means you risk $200 for every $100 you want to win on the favorite or the 20/10 equivalent and get $160 for every $100 you wager on the dog or the 10/16 equivalent.

Soccer betting odds will also include a total. For example, you might have a total of 2.5 on a soccer match with the over at -130 and the under at +110. This is still a straight soccer betting money line where you risk $130 to win $100 or the $13 to $10 equivalent or you risk $100 and win $110 on the under or the $11 to $10 equivalent.

Soccer betting odds may also include the draw. That type of soccer betting line is called a three-way line. It includes soccer betting odds on the favorite, the underdog and the draw.

It is still a soccer betting money line wager but if the draw was part of the soccer betting line you would lose if the game ended in a tie and you took either the favorite or the dog.

Soccer betting odds are very popular around the world. Soccer is the world’s sport and is referred to as football in most countries. The soccer betting odds are so easy to understand that many people are drawn to making soccer betting wagers.

If you can pick the winner of a match then you get paid. It is similar to baseball betting since the money line is used with soccer betting odds.

As you look to bet soccer, remember to notice the differences in the two types of betting lines. Your soccer handicapping should include the possibility of a tie if you are looking at lines that include the draw option.