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Soccer Betting Terms

A sport that is huge around the world but has little interest in the United State is soccer. When it comes to soccer betting it is a similar situation.

Soccer betting is huge around the world but is just a blip in the United States.  Every four years soccer gets a huge boost around the world with the World Cup and it is then that soccer betting gains ground in the United States.

As you look at soccer betting there are a few terms that you may be unfamiliar with, so let's look at them today.

Accumulator is another word for parlay.

Book Value is similar to what Americans refer to as the vigorish a sportsbook charges.

Decimal Odds are when the soccer odds posted on the betting board are presented as a decimal.

Double is a two team parlay.

Double chance is the same as an American teaser.

Draw no bet is a push.

Evens are when the odds are 1/1.

Fixed Odds Betting is where a gambler knows for certain what he will win or lose at the moment he makes his wager as the price will not change.

Fractional Odds are the most popular way of posting the prices on the soccer betting boards in England.

Half Time/Full Time is also know as the Double Result and is where a gambler will wager on both the halftime and full time results.

Odds Against is a wager in which the odds are greater than even money. It is also known as an underdog.

Odds On is the favorite in which the wager is less than even money.

Spread Betting is soccer wagering in which the returns are not fixed as the gambler bets on the difference between what the sportsbook spread is and what he thinks will happen.

Three Way Betting is known as 1X2. It is when a gambler wagers on a road win/draw/or home win.

Void Bet is another term for what Americans call a push but can also happen due to games being postponed.