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Soccer Betting Online at Sports Gambling

Soccer betting online at sportsbooks is quite easy to understand as it is based on the money line, which is the most basic sports gambling option.

Betting sides is the most popular form of soccer wagering. That is where you pick a team on the money line to win the game. The favorite might be -200 and the underdog +170 which means you risk $200 for every $100 you want to win on the favorite or the 20/10 equivalent and get $170 for every $100 you wager on the dog or the 10/17 equivalent.

In soccer betting at a sport book you want to remember that a wager becomes official and binding after ninety minutes of playing time and if it is played within one week of its scheduled date or played within the designated tournament. You should also be aware that some sportsbooks offer the three-way line in which a draw option is also offered. It is also a money line wager.

Online sportsbooks also put up totals. They are money line wagers, and done on the traditional $110/100 or $11/$10 equivalent. Some online sportsbooks also offer a wager know as the “Double Result” in which a gambler can wager on a team that is ahead at halftime along with a wager on the team that will win the entire game.

Some online sportsbooks also offer wagers on which individual player will score the first or the last goal in soccer betting. In addition to side and totals soccer betting options you have the option to bet parlays or what is called “doubles.” Parlays are similar to other sports in online soccer betting, especially baseball, since it is also a money line sport.

Soccer is definitely a world wide sport and soccer betting is popular everywhere including online sport book and casinos. More Americans are getting interested in soccer wagering everyday and they get interested in European Leagues such as Great Britain’s Premier League.

As you are betting soccer at offshore sportsbooks keep in mind that you still need to look at matchups, statistics, trends, etc. Soccer handicapping can be done just as you handicap other sports.

Keep that in mind as you look at the soccer odds at online sportsbooks and focus on the basics in addition to keeping an eye on soccer betting lines and how they move throughout the day.