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Cups are Popular in Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is popular around the world with action throughout the year on various leagues and on Cups.

Online soccer betting odds are available on the different soccer Cups with the most popular being the World Cup that occurs every four years. Soccer betting odds are very interesting to follow in the Champions League Cup and the UEFA Cup.  These competitions bring out the best soccer betting lines.

Other Cups that are popular in soccer betting are the FA Cup and the Carling Cup.  These bring teams from around the world together and that makes for great action and excellent online soccer betting odds.

There is no doubt that the World Cup has the biggest following among all of the Cups for gamblers that love soccer betting.  Although it happens only once every four years, teams are qualifying in the preceding years and online soccer betting lines are available on those qualifying matches.  Teams also try and qualify for other Cups like the African Cup of Nations and the Confederation Cup.

The next World Cup for gamblers looking at online soccer betting odds will be in 2010 in South Africa.  The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil.  The 2006 World Cup was held in Germany and 32 teams took part.  The qualifying process included teams from 198 national football associations and began three years earlier in 2003.

Those qualifying matches oftentimes have great online soccer betting odds.  The 2006 World Cup was won by Italy as they won their fourth World Championship and rewarded online soccer betting gamblers.  They defeated France in a penalty shootout after the teams finished regulation and extra time tied at 1-1.

Germany beat Portugal 3-1 to finish in third place for gamblers that wagered on them in online soccer betting.  Online soccer betting was extremely popular during the World Cup.  The 2006 World Cup was one of the most watched television events in history.  The Final between Italy and France was watched by an estimated 715 million people.

Online soccer betting odds are definitely popular on World Cup action but other Cups like the UEFA Cup also get excellent soccer betting action from gamblers around the world.  Check out the various Cup action and the exciting betting lines available on the matches this year.