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Debit Card Deposits

(U.S.A only) The Internet Debit Card is a debit card designed to provide flexibility when making purchases from online merchants.

You have instant access to your money 24/7. Internet Debit Card deposits are free of charge and are only available to US residents. If you are a registered Internet Debit Card holder, request a deposit from our gaming lobby. Don't get stuck trying to purchase products and services over the Internet. Apply now for the Internet Debit Card. We will process the request and have it delivered to you at no extra cost.



  • The max. balance allowed on the card is $5000
  • The max. load using VISA is $1065 a day, and $6000 a month


  • Remember that all bonus money and promotional money is credited the same day you make your deposit.
  • Charges for VISA 6%
  • Funds are loaded onto the Internet Debit Card and must then be transferred to your account