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ATM Online

ATM Online is an internet payment solution that offers the security and convenience of a bank machine from the comfort of your own home.

ATM Online allows users to securely transfer money from their bank account or creditcard to their ATM Online wallet so they can easily shop at affiliated internet sites.

Receive up to 20% on your INITIAL DEPOSIT and now earn an additional 10% when you open an ATM ONLINE account and make your INITIAL DEPOSIT using this quick and easy method. That’s up to 30% on your INITIAL DEPOSIT.

Options available to deposit fund into your ATM Online account:

  • FastCash $50 to $100 Your first fastCash deposit will clear our account in 4 business days. Once you verify your account your fastCash limit will increase rapidly
  • Online Check (ACH/EFT) $5000 a day per customer
  • Credit Card We currently accept Visa, MasterCard. $500 a day per customer
  • Bank Wire there are no limits for wire transfers

Options available to withdraw funds from your ATM Online accocunt:

  • Online Check (ACH/EFT) free
  • Paper Check first Class mail $5
  • Paper check Fedex $35
  • Bank Wire
  • ATM Card (coming soon)