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New CFL Rules Are Coming

There are a number of new rules in the Canadian Football League that will be coming into play in the 2015 season. These rules were created to make for a more competitive league and will be rolled out starting in the regular season. They are rules that cover many parts of the game although one noteworthy proposal was rejected.

Conversion Changes

Single-point conversions will be moved to the 25-yard-line. This means that a 32-yard kick will be required to get a single point after a touchdown. Meanwhile, a two-point conversion can be attempted from three yards out from the end zone.

Punting Rules

The offensive line players on a punting play will have to be cautious about where they go. They cannot move past the line of scrimmage until the punt has actually taken place.

Defense Contact

Defenders can still contact receivers within five yards of the line of scrimmage. However, a defender will not be able to do this at any spot beyond this or else that defender will end up being penalized.

When Hurry-Up Works

Offenses can tell the officials on the field when they are in a hurry-up offense. This is to say that the team is not going to substitute any players. This is to allow the chain crew on the field to take care of adjustments faster and more effectively.

One Rejected Rule

It should be noted that there was one rule change that was rejected by the CFL this offseason. There was a plan to have a three-point conversion from ten yards out in a setup that would have been similar to what the infamous XFL used. However, that rule was declined although it would have only been used in the preseason had it been approved for any purpose.

The changes that will take place in the CFL this coming year will be interesting for everyone to see. They are changes that will make the game more appealing but time will tell as to how well the individual teams are able to actually adjust to the rule changes as they come about.