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Conversion Rules In the CFL Will Preview What Could Happen In America in 2015

The NFL made a splash in the 2015 offseason when it was announced that the line of scrimmage for an extra point after a touchdown would go from the 2-yard-line to the 15-yard-line while two-point conversions will still go on as planned from two yards out. This is an interesting rule that could change the way how people bet on games but it’s not the first league to make this change. The CFL has been running with this change for a few months now.

The CFL has been running with a single-point conversion, or convert, after a touchdown with a far-off distance for a while now. At the start of the 2015 season, the single-point convert has been held from the 25-yard-line. This makes for a 32-yard kick to get an extra point after the touchdown.

This makes it to where the point after a touchdown will be more interesting. So far more than 80 percent of these converts have been made, a striking change from the past where the converts were less than half as long. This has made the game a little more interesting as it could influence CFL betting lines, what with every precious point being potentially harder for some players to get as time goes along.

The CFL still has two-point converts from three yards out just like it always has. This makes the rules in the CFL similar to what the NFL has been using.

In fact, the CFL is technically doing this after the Fall Experimental Football League did this. This minor league featuring four teams in the northeastern part of the country has been using this particular distance for points after touchdowns. Of course, the league has been using plenty of experimental rules like every player on a roster having to play at some point in a game and kicks having wider hash marks to make them a little more difficult.

The longer converts have been interesting to watch in the CFL gambling this. This is a point that will certainly carry on over to the NFL this year.