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Canadian Football Betting - Preseason Begins June 13

Canadian football betting excitement is beginning to grow everywhere as CFL odds will be posted for the start of the two-week preseason on June 13.

The Canadian Football League differs from the NFL in a variety of ways, and these differences must be recognized when one is wagering on CFL football. Many of the rules for Canadian Football are unique, and these rules impact CFL scores and should also, consequently, impact Canadian football betting.

Additionally, the Canadian Football League only involves eight teams, meaning CFL football betting fans have the opportunity to watch teams compete against one other several times each season. The Canadian Football League is sometimes viewed as an afterthought, but NFL CFL bettors know that CFL football offers tons of excellent action.

CFL Football Betting

Canadian football betting excitement is beginning to grow everywhere as CFL odds will be posted for the start of the two-week preseason on June 13.

Canadian football betting excitement begins with the start of the two week preseason on June 13 as preparations are already underway with the CFL odds.

In the Canadian Football League teams are only given three downs instead of four, and the result is that the Canadian Football League involves lots of passing which can lead to high-scoring and entertaining games. Moreover, the end zones are larger and teams are given extra opportunities to score with kicks.

As a result, Canadian Football bettors have become accustomed to wagering on high totals and, at times, high point spreads. By recognizing the differences between NFL football betting and CFL football betting one can be better prepared to find genuine value in the Canadian Football League odds.

Betting on the NFL CFL also differs because teams in the Canadian Football League play against each other so frequently. With only eight teams it is inevitable that one will watch teams play one another numerous times when betting Canadian football sports.

Naturally, this feature of the Canadian Football League is an advantage to Canadian Football bettors, who are able to wager on matchups that they have already witnessed. There is no doubt that the best way to predict how two teams will face off against one another is to look at their most recent matchup.

This luxury is not frequently enjoyed by NFL bettors, but CFL football bettors often have ample opportunity to review teams’ past matchups. However, bettors should not make the mistake of thinking that a game between two teams will have an identical result to a previous matchup between the two squads.

Teams evolve throughout the season and factors like the weather, injuries, and home field advantage will influence each game differently.

Therefore, when betting Canadian football sports one must use the previous Canadian Football League matchups between two teams as a guide for future matchups, while simultaneously acknowledging and trying to predict the differences that will be seen between one game and the next.

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