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Boxing Betting Odds Basics at Sports Gambling

Boxing betting odds have been around for many decades with gamblers wagering on fights every month of the year.

Boxing betting odds are still available at sportsbooks around the world on fights that take place each month. Professional boxing had its period of growth but has taken a downturn over the past years with very few marquee fights on the boxing betting board.

Boxing betting odds are easy to understand since there is no pointspread involved. It is very easy to place a wager on a boxing betting match.  You pick who you believe will win the fight and if you are right, you win. Boxing betting odds are really that simple.

Boxing betting odds are based on money lines which are easy to understand. Here is a boxing betting odds example:

Boxer A: -170 (bet $170 to win $100 or the 17/10 equivalent)
Boxer B: +150 (bet $100 to win $150 or the 10/15 equivalent)
Draw: +800 (bet $100 to win $800 or the 1-8 equivalent)

This is an example where the boxing odds are fairly competitive. You will see many instances of heavy favorites in boxing that can get as high as 15-1 or more. Some sportsbooks will also offer boxing betting odds on how many rounds you think the fight will go.

That over-under option will range anywhere from just a few rounds all the way to sometime in the 12th round. There may also be other proposition boxing betting odds like picking the exact round the fight will end in or you may be able to pick how the fight will be decided, either by knockout or decision.

Unfortunately boxing betting has a bad reputation because of the judging. Sometimes the decisions are not fair and based on a judge being influenced. This does not happen that often but boxing is not well regulated and the judging is not always done honestly.

That has given boxing betting a bad name when it didn’t have to be that way. As you look at the boxing betting odds be sure and do some handicapping. Look at the fighters and their records, styles, ages, weights, etc and consider the boxing betting odds.

Get all the information about the fight you can before you place a wager versus the boxing betting odds.