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Making a Boxing Bet at Sports Gambling

Boxing bet odds are made by boxing betting oddsmakers on fights around the world. Usually the oddsmakers will look at the basic information of the two fighters and make the odds.

Boxing bet odds are usually higher than odds you will see in other sports. It is not uncommon to see boxing betting odds of -500 or more on a fighter if he is matched up against a weaker opponent.  You may want to take some things into consideration as you look to make a boxing bet.

Unless a fighter is knocked out, the decision on which fighter wins is made by a judging panel. Unfortunately boxing is still not always judged fairly so you need to be prepared if you are making a boxing bet on a fight when one fighter has a home town advantage.

If you are making a boxing bet on a fighter in a bout that is considered a “road” venue you probably need to have your fighter get a knockout to win. There is no doubt that some judges, particularly German and Italian judges will favor the home town fighter.

Judges are influenced by the home crowd so if you are making a boxing bet and the other fighter is on his home turf you may want to reconsider. You have to remember in boxing that the judges get paid by the promoter and he is often the one that is backing the local boxer.

This is a huge conflict of interest but no one in boxing seems to care. It is why boxing still has a black eye in terms of other sports and why results oftentimes can’t be trusted in boxing betting.  As you make a boxing bet you want to be aware that there are many sanctioning bodies.

You have champions from all of the different associations and keeping track is difficult. Don’t automatically ignore those boxers from new associations though. You also want to remember that just because a boxer comes out of a high ranking association like the WBC does not always mean he is a good boxing bet.

Remember as you make a boxing bet that the big marquee fights get most of the action. Your best boxing bet may not always be on the marquee fights though. You may find more value in the fights off the radar a bit but that are still put up by the sportsbook each month in boxing betting.