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Boxing Gambling Line at Sports Gambling

The boxing gambling line is a money line, similar to baseball and hockey money lines at online sportsbooks.

In addition to the boxing gambling money line there is also the over/under bet on the total number of rounds the fight will go. There are also boxing gambling line options on which fighter will win by a knockout (if there is one), or whether the bout will decided by a decision.

It was not that long ago that boxing was a very popular sport for sports betting gamblers. Unfortunately for boxing gambling the reputation went downhill and a lack of marquee names made it go off the radar at many online sportsbooks.

Sports betting gamblers who bet on boxing still believe that money can be made on boxing betting line and they continue to follow the bouts with great interest. Remember that boxing betting is similar to NASCAR or golf betting in that you just worry about winning.

You don’t have to worry about a team victory either; it is just man against man.  What do you look for when handicapping a boxing bout?

When a sports betting gambler handicaps a fight he should consider the age, size, punching ability, knockout ability, winning streaks and common opponents when looking at the boxing betting matchup.It is similar to how other sports are handicapped.

There are a lot of great boxing websites and magazines for sports gambling players who want to do thorough research on the sport and handicap it effectively.These sites are a great place to begin your boxing handicapping.

Unfortunately boxing is still very much a hyped up sport with staged talk and fake fights at the weigh-ins to gain publicity.It is important to ignore all of this when you are looking at handicapping boxing.It should be bet the same way as other sports and handicapped from an unbiased point of view if you want to be successful.

If you are looking to bet boxing at Internet sport books then you are in the right place. has excellent boxing options for you, so take a look at some of the boxing odds available today.

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