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Boxing Gambling Options at Sports Gambling

Boxing gambling is done with money lines. You make a straight bet and pick one fighter against another.

Boxing gambling money lines are easy to understand. For example, you might have one at -500 and another fighter at +400. In this boxing gambling example you would have to bet $500 to win $100 on the first fighter or you would win $400 for your $100 wager on the underdog. 

You may also have the choice in boxing gambling odds of picking whether or not the fight goes over or under a certain number of rounds.  You may also have an over-under on rounds in boxing gambling. For example, the boxing gambling odds might have the rounds posted at 9.5 with the over at -200 and the under at +170.

You have to lay $200 to win $100 on the over, while you can win $170 for a $100 wager on the under. You may also see boxing gambling odds on how a fighter will win or on a draw. You may also get proposition boxing gambling odds on exactly what round the fight will end in.

Usually the more exotic boxing gambling options are only available on the marquee fights.  Boxing gambling is definitely not on the radar of most sports gamblers. The sport in general has suffered a massive decline in popularity in the last decade. There are very few marquee fighters and not many marquee fights.

That is a good news/bad news scenario for boxing gambling players. The good news is that sometimes information is harder to find on fights which means you can get an edge. The bad news is that there are fewer marquee fights which can mean less action in general for boxing gambling bettors.

Some professional boxing gambling players still wager on fights every month though. Many sportsbooks will put up fights from around the world. These fights are not as well known but professional boxing gambling players like boxing bouts that have less information on the major media sites.

Take a look at the various boxing gambling options available each month. You should find some good opportunities to make money whether it is by wagering on a boxer to win, betting the round options or on propositions that may be offered.