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Boxing Bet Tips at Sports Gambling

Boxing bet odds are interesting to consider as you look to make money at Sports Gambling. Boxing bet odds are based on money lines.

Boxing bet options consist of two main options. You can bet on a fighter to win against another fighter or you can make a boxing bet on how long you believe the fight will last.  Sometimes the over-under in boxing gambling offers the best opportunity to make money since you are usually laying a small price.

With the main boxing bet choice you may be laying -500 or more on a heavy favorite. In a boxing bet on the number of rounds you usually are laying out -120 or something similar. You also don’t have to worry as much about the judges, and other intangibles that boxing is sometimes known for.

If you believe the fight is destined to end in a quick knockout then you bet the under in boxing gambling. If you think the fight will go to a decision then you bet the over.  As you look at boxing gambling there are some things to keep in mind. Look at the fight and try and determine whether or not it is an evenly matched bout.

If not, then betting the under on the rounds might be a good boxing bet. The same thing applies if you see fighters that have a lot of knockouts or TKO’s. Most boxing matches are 12 rounds so you will see the over/under in a boxing bet round option at anywhere from 4.5 to 11.5.

In a bout that is expected to be close you may see a high over-under boxing gambling line. In a bout with a high priced favorite you may see a much lower over-under.  If you are looking at making a boxing bet on one of the fighters there are a couple of things to remember.

The boxing bet money line will be priced high on the favorites and not offer a fair price on the underdog. That is just the way it is in boxing gambling. Favorites win a lot of the time and are oftentimes overpriced. The problem with taking underdogs is that you don’t get enough of a return to make money.

If you are betting the favorite then you usually want to do it early as you make your boxing bet. If you like the underdog, then wait until just before the fight as you may get a better price.