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Auto Racing

Auto racing betting with NASCAR live odds and Sprint Cup props. offers up to initial deposit bonus for NASCAR auto racing betting.

Auto racing betting is available on NASCAR, Formula One and Indy Car. NASCAR and Indy Car are popular in the US and Formula One is popular in Europe. Auto racing betting involves two main betting options. You have the choice of betting a driver to win a race or you can bet the autoracing matchups. Let's consider both of those options before looking at other proposition autoracing betting options.

The first choice of betting a driver to win a race is simple enough. Your driver has to win the race for you to get paid. You will see odds of 2-1 to 100-1 or more on drivers winning a particular race. The odds are longer in NASCAR because 43 drivers are in each race while the autoracing odds are shorter in Formula One and Indy car racing because fewer drivers participate.

You can bet any amount of money on a driver to win the race and if he does win you are paid at the posted odds. The second main autoracing betting option is the matchup. This is where the sportsbook pits two drivers against one another. They are not really racing against one another on the track but are matched up against each other on the autoracing odds board.

You pick one driver and if he finishes ahead of the other driver you win. It is that simple. The odds are based on money lines just as you would see in baseball or hockey. For example, you might have Jeff Gordon at -140 and Jimmy Johnson at +120. You would need to bet $140 to win $100 on Gordon or the 14/10 equivalent. You would risk $100 and win $120 if Johnson won or the 10/12 equivalent.

Other autoracing betting options can include odds on how many cautions there will be in a race, the winning car number, the winning manufacturer, etc. As you look at autoracing betting there are many things to consider when handicapping a race including the driver, the track, practices, qualifying, etc.

Handicapping auto racing is just like handicapping any other sport where there are a multitude of factors to consider. In autoracing betting you should definitely focus on the driver and the teams. They are the most important factors that go into picking autoracing betting winners.

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