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Auto Racing Odds on NASCAR, Indy Car and Formula 1 at Sports Gambling

Auto racing odds on NASCAR, Indy Car and Formula 1 are exciting to bet each year. The three main series present different betting opportunities.

Auto racing odds on NASCAR involve the most betting choices. Auto racing odds on NASCAR can have as many as 43 drivers on the board although usually sportsbooks will put many of the drivers into the “field”.

The reason some drivers are listed as part of the field is that sportsbooks consider their chances of winning remote. Usually in Indy Car and Formula One auto racing odds you won’t see the field option as much because a much lower number of drivers are part of the race.

Auto racing odds in all three series involve odds to win the race and individual matchup auto racing odds. Most gamblers will look at the matchups as easier to predict since you only need your driver to finish better than the other driver in order to win.

Predicting which driver will win the race is also an option on the auto racing odds board, but that can be a little bit trickier and oftentimes doesn’t offer good value. In NASCAR you will see some longshots win races from time to time, but finding them is difficult.

Longshots rarely win in Formula One or Indy Car so getting any type of auto racing odds value is difficult in those two series. That is why many gamblers prefer the matchups on the auto racing betting odds board.

The Hendrick cars have been known to dominate NASCAR while the McLaren cars seem to win every week in Formula One. This makes finding race value difficult sometimes if you don’t consider the matchups.  Take a look at the different auto racing odds available on the different series this season.

The auto racing season is a long one and it offers a number of excellent auto racing betting odds opportunities. In addition to auto racing odds on drivers to win a race and matchups, you also get auto racing odds on such things as cautions, manufacturer winners, etc.

Consider all of the different options on the auto racing board this year.