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NASCAR Betting Changes at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting continues to gain popularity with gamblers around the world.

Despite the growing popularity of NASCAR betting there are not a lot of serious sports handicapping techniques or methodology applied NASCAR betting oddsNASCAR betting will often have betting lines that favor the top drivers like Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Oftentimes, the NASCAR betting odds on the top drivers will be so low as to not offer much value.

In both the NASCAR betting odds to win individual races and in the matchups against other drivers, the top names rarely have much value although they do oftentimes win.  One of the most important aspects of NASCAR betting is to remember that oddsmakers try to match up drivers of similar ability on the NASCAR betting odds board.

A NASCAR betting matchup is likely to see a driver like Tony Stewart matched up against comparable drivers like Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, etc.

Sometimes you might see matchups with the lesser drivers like Kyle Petty or Ken Schrader but usually those drivers will be matched up against one another not against a top driver like Jeff Gordon. Matchups are only valuable to the sportsbook when they look even enough to get betting action on both sides.

It is like sports betting in that the oddsmaker prefers to have equal action on both sides. That is why driver matchups are made to be as even as possible.  One of the biggest changes in NASCAR betting in recent years has been the domination of just two teams; Rick Hendrick’s Chevrolets and Jack Roush’s Fords.

They have been the best cars on the track and winning the most races and the most NASCAR betting matchups. What you will sometimes see in NASCAR betting is a team that dominates early, continue that throughout the season.

It is sometimes all about momentum in NASCAR and that is something to keep in mind as you examine NASCAR betting each week. As you consider NASCAR betting remember that things are always changing. What worked yesterday in NASCAR betting may not work next time.

You also want to remember in NASCAR betting that you want to find value. Betting drivers at 3-1 or 4-1 every week is usually not going to make you money in the long run. You want value as you look at the NASCAR betting lines each week.