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NASCAR Odds at Sports Gambling

This NASCAR odds season should be as exciting as we’ve seen with the cards lining up for perhaps one of the best competitions we’ve seen in decades.

NASCAR odds fans have been waiting for the 2008 season for months and now its almost finally here.  After last season’s exciting lineup and ending it will be tough for the 2008 NASCAR betting odds season to live up to the excitement.

However, with all the off season activities there should be plenty of action in the coming NASCAR season, more than enough to satisfy even the most rabid of NASCAR odds fans.  Where to begin? So much has happened that it’s hard to know which NASCAR odds topics to address first.

Obviously the biggest move in the NASCAR odds off-season and the most anticipated event was the Dale Jr’s move to the Hendrick racing team. Leaving DEI was something that no NASCAR odds fan expected to see in a million years but it came to pass and NASCAR betting odds fans will bet major beneficiaries of the move.

Jr, easily the most popular driver in al of NASCAR odds will now finally have a reliable ride and will able to compete on level ground with the dominant drivers in the NASCAR odds.  His biggest competition will likely come from new teammates Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, winners of six NASCAR odds championships combined.

Over the past two NASCAR odds seasons Johnson has taken home the trophy and Gordon has finished second. For years Junior has shown flashes of brilliance in NASCAR betting but has been unable to seal the deal, in many cases due to car malfunctions.

He’s not likely to have any such problem in ’08 with Hendrick, a team that thoroughly dominated the NASCAR betting odds field in ’07.  With the Car of Tomorrow, or the ‘Flying Brick” as it’s affectionately known, Hendrick is way ahead of the NASCAR odds competition.

And with the car being used full time this year the advantage of this team over the others should prove even more evident in the NASCAR odds. And as if the technological advantage weren’t enough the addition of a top-fight driver like Earnhardt will make Hendrick the team to beat in the NASCAR odds.

It’s also very likely that the NASCAR betting odds will support the notion that a Hedrick driver will be the driving champion next year.