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NASCAR Odds ' Nationwide Series at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting odds involve the top drivers who compete in the Nextel Cup Series and the secondary drivers that compete in the Nationwide Series.

NASCAR betting odds are available for both the Nextel Cup and the Nationwide Series with races usually occurring each Saturday and Sunday.  NASCAR betting odds on the Nationwide Series involve drivers that normally don’t compete in the Nextel Cup. NASCAR odds also involve drivers that cross over and compete in both of the Series.

NASCAR odds on the Nationwide Series are similar to those offered on the Nextel Cup races. You have NASCAR odds on which driver will win a particular race and also on head to head driver matchups.

You may also have NASCAR betting odds on which manufacturer will win or finish higher in the race, the amount of caution flags in the race, etc.  NASCAR odds for gamblers around the world really get fans excited and that includes Nationwide NASCAR odds.

Many NASCAR fans make for excited sports betting fans. They know their drivers and their sport and they are very interested in the multitude of NASCAR odds offered by sportsbooks each week. NASCAR has a variety of tracks and knowing which ones fit which drivers is important as you look at NASCAR odds.

Super speedways such as Daytona and Talladega fit the driving styles of certain NASCAR drivers while short tracks such as the one at Bristol fit a completely opposite style of driver. Part of handicapping a NASCAR race and betting NASCAR odds successfully is to know which drivers excel at which type of track.

There are also drivers that are popular in NASCAR betting odds no matter where they run because of their public appeal. You have Jimmy Johnson, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the big public drivers and sometimes they will crossover and are part of the Nationwide Series.

A driver like Kevin Harvick will run in both Series and be a popular bet in each.  You also need to consider the tracks for other types of wagers. Tracks such as Bristol have a lot of wrecks and NASCAR odds might be worth looking at in regards to the number on cautions.

You may find other tracks that continually run green flags. This is just another example of finding value in NASCAR betting odds.