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Nascar Gambling at Sports Gambling

NASCAR gambling is available at sportsbooks around the world and is gaining popularity due to the increased exposure of NASCAR on television.

Online sportsbooks went from just posting odds on individual drivers to win races to posting driver matchups. In addition to those two options, NASCAR gambling also can involve proposition bets to give sports betting gamblers even more options.  Matchups are one of the most popular forms of NASCAR gambling.

A matchup in NASCAR gambling is where a sportsbook lists two different drivers in a head to head matchup.  In the matchup you only worry about your driver finishing better than the other driver.  It would be listed as such:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. +120
Jimmy Johnson -140

In this example if you liked Johnson you would wager $140 to win $100 or the 14/10 equivalent. If you liked Jr. you would bet $100 to win $100 or the 10/12 equivalent. Matchup betting is a great way to get involved in NASCAR gambling.  A future bet is another NASCAR betting option.

This is where a sport book gambler can bet on a driver to win an individual race or the entire Nextel Cup Championship.  The betting option for individual races is an exciting way to bet NASCAR races. Betting on an individual driver to win a NASCAR race can be exciting.

You get odds anywhere from 5-1 to 100-1 depending upon the driver you choose to win the race.  Remember those proposition options we talked about earlier? There are several of those to enjoy in NASCAR betting such as over/under on the amount of caution flags and which car make will finish higher in the race.

You can add prop wagers to your overall NASCAR betting at online sportsbooks this season. And don’t forget the matchup and odds to win the race options as you bet NASCAR at online sport book and casinos this season.