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NASCAR Betting Quite Popular at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting is quite popular amongst racing fans. However, there is a large group in the community that feel betting NASCAR racing is throwing money away.

However, NASCAR betting fans would heartily disagree and would even loudly suggest that NASCAR betting is in fact the highest form of racing. NASCAR betting has not always enjoyed the high esteem among the betting public as it currently holds and the rapid rise that betting NASCAR racing enjoys is perhaps what has made the other racing aficionados so uncomfortable.

But if we were examine both NASCAR betting (the most popular form of auto racing in the US) with F-1 racing betting (the most popular global form of racing) we would see that both types of racing have merit, although it would be difficult to prove that NASCAR betting was the better form of racing and vice versa.

One mark in favor of NASCAR betting is that the drivers must be very skilled at navigating through traffic. Anyone who enjoys betting NASCAR racing knows that there isn’t much space on the track with 40 plus cars often running three abreast through turns.

This is a far cry from F-1 racing and perhaps the biggest difference between this racing and NASCAR betting. In F-1 racing passes are relatively rare and corners and tracks are narrow.

Some critics of NASCAR betting will claim that this trait of NASCAR betting actually limits the need for driving skills as there isn’t much room to operate and therefore the function of the NASCAR driver is simply to avoid a collision.

The NASCAR betting critic will claim that in F-1 because there are fewer cars and drivers are less likely to have contact with other drivers that F-1 is far superior, or at least more pure, than betting NASCAR racing.

It’s a valid point and one that most NASCAR betting enthusiasts would counter by saying that F-1 is all computerized and that the drivers simply press a button here or there and that they don’t have to work even half as much as those in betting NASCAR racing.

Consider that the cars in NASCAR betting aren’t nearly as sophisticated as those in F-1 and are in fact, more similar to the grocery getter in your driveway.  Critics of NASCAR betting would counter that there is more money and technology in F-1 therefore; due to market forces it must draw the most talent.

Both sides have very valid points, but as to which is better, NASCAR betting or F-1 betting, that must be settled on an individual basis.