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Nascar Betting Odds Provide at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting odds are highly popular with the sporting public for a number of reasons.

For some people they simply love the thrill of the competition that NASCAR betting odds provide.  For others still they love the purity of the sport itself and for them NASCAR odds are simply the icing on the cake. Other’s still see racing as the perfect forum for competition and the NASCAR betting odds are simply an extension of this.

NASCAR betting odds fans come in all shapes and sizes and are as varied as the sport is unique. But for all its interesting characteristics the world of NASCAR odds is not all that different from that of horse racing.

If you think about the world of NASCAR odds and horse racing, on the surface they may seem wildly different, but after a closer examination it might seem that NASCAR odds and horse racing odds are not all that different after all.

The obvious difference between NASCAR odds competition and horse racing competition is of course the fact that NASCAR odds are based on machines, namely cares, where as horse racing is based on animals.

But aside from that there are not as many differences between the two as NASCAR betting odds fans might think there is. Both sports are hugely dependent on the car/horse for the results.

The driver and jockey of course have influence on how the car/horse perform and what the final NASCAR odds results or race results will be, but without a quality car/horse it’s impossible to beat the horse racing and NASCAR odds.

Perhaps the one great divergence between NASCAR odds competition and horse racing is that horse racing is short and quick whereas NASCAR odds racing is more like a marathon. In this sense there is a great divergence between the NASCAR odds competition and horse racing.

After a lap and a half the horse competition is done where a lap and a half is hardly even enough to get the tires warm when it comes to NASCR betting odds.  But the similarities between NASCAR odds and horse betting odds are quite similar. Both are influenced by the recent performances of the driver/jockey and the horse/car.

If a driver has been doing very well in the NASCAR odds, he’ll be favored by the odds makers just as a jockey would be. And similarly, if a car has been performing without much technical problems it will also be looked on favorably in the NASCAR betting odds just as a horse in good condition would be.