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NASCAR Betting Odds at Sports Gambling

NASCAR betting odds fans are always bickering over something.

Generally it’s not over anything serious, simply about which driver will have success in the upcoming NASCAR betting odds competition or about which track is harder to race on and so forth.  But there is one discussion that turns deadly serious when raised among NASCAR betting odds fans and that of course is which is the greatest NASCAR odds driver of all time.

NASCAR odds racing over the years has seen so many quality drivers over the years that its impossible to come up with a right or wrong answer, although there are many NASCAR odds fans that are convinced they are correct and will gladly come to blows to defend their thoughts.

When it comes to NASCAR odds fans there is generally two main schools of thought and several other smaller options when it comes to the debate about the greatest NASCAR odds driver ever. For the most part, NASCAR odds fans consider either Richard Petty or Dale Earnhardt to be the best NASCAR betting odds driver ever.

It would be tough to argue with either choice but to split hairs and try and label one of the other as the best NASCAR odds driver ever is not quite so easy. Petty, the more senior of the drivers had great success against the NASCAR odds as did Earnhardt. But to compare the two would be almost impossible.

There is a great history of racing between the two as they competed many times over the years in head to head NASCAR odds competition. However, this was at time when Petty was well past his prime and Earnhardt had not quite come into his own against the NASCAR odds.

Both men won seven NASCAR odds racing titles and that is perhaps a symbolic way of settling the debate. The seven NASCAR odds titles is a record for the sport and perhaps one that won’t be matched. But it seems impossible for many NASCAR odds fans to simply accept the competition as a draw.

Petty still holds the record for the most number of NASCAR odds wins, so perhaps the edge would go to him, but NASCAR odds fans can counter that Earnhardt won more head to head competitions.  In reality this discussion will never be settled by NASCAR betting odds fans.

And perhaps that’s what makes it so interesting, since the legend of each man seems to grow every year.